Day 5: Free Day! 5日目:フリーデー

Dinner At Joyfull, the restaurant. Thanks for the picture, Nozomi!
With Ayaka Wakida and the Kawakami family.
Today was a day to for the students to get to know their host families. Some of the students met up with other students and families, others did not, some did many things, others had a restful day. Some of the things that students did today included going to see a temple in Ikata, trying "nagashi somen" or "river noodles"( buckwheat noodles that you grab with your chopsticks out of ice-cold water that runs past you), making origami, exploring the beautiful views from the hills of Ikata, trying Japanese "macha" tea, going to the beach, practicing the recorder, and even getting to see a fireworks show in the nearby town of Ōzu. What a day!  I hope everyone can sleep well and be rested up for tomorrow when Ikata officially welcomes everyone with a ceremonial tree-planting and welcome party.


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