A free day with their host families.  「受入家族とのフリーデー」

Marissa, Ayaka, Honoka and Foster
"Important Cultural Asset: Matsuyama Castle"
「重要文化財 松山城」前
Another free day and it looks like this time many of the Red Wing exchange students as well as the Ikata exchange students and some friends went to Matsuyama to see the castle. Matsuyama is the biggest city on the island, home to just over a half-a-million people. The castle sits in the middle of the city, perched atop a hill.


As you can tell from the picture, things are pretty hot over here in Japan. Temperatures are in the mid to upper-80s and we need to take precautions to make sure we don't suffer from heat exhaustion. A favorite drink of the group, Aquarius, and it's twin brother "Pocari Sweat" (similar drink to Gatorade) are always in hand, keeping the students hydrated. (It looks as if Foster is holding one in the picture, actually)


To the Red Wing students: Remember to not be embarrassed to talk to your host brothers and sister about differences in between your two cultures. Remember that they will be coming to Red Wing soon so the more you can teach them about the Minnesota and the way of life in Red Wing, the more they will benefit from their visit.


To the Ikata students: Remember that just because the students from Red Wing may not question what is happening around them, it doesn't mean that a million questions are not flying around in their head. Take time to try to explain to the Red Wing students what they are seeing, pointing out interesting things to make their trip more meaningful, and to practice your English before you go to Minnesota.


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