peninsula town

Have you seen this photo before?

As you've probably guessed, yes, it's of our beloved town of Ikata, which spans the Sadamisaki Peninsula.

From this aerial view, Ikata looks quite small geographically, but it could take you as long as two hours to get from one side to the other by car! If you get adventurous and try a road 'less traveled by,' watch out! You might be driving around in the mountains for hours.

Although we're past the middle of April, weather in Ikata is still pretty cool and rainy. We can't wait for the milder temperatures and plenty of sunshine to kick in!










Welcome to the new blog!

In previous years, students and host families in Ikata and Red Wing have relied on handouts compiled by program coordinators, and on the Ikata Wiki. Photos, updates, and messages from each year's exchange were also posted on the Wiki.

It is my hope that the addition of this blog will keep all of our developments current, and provide a convenient way for everyone to read about and comment on topics of interest. Feel free to use the combox or to e-mail me directly with questions or any topics you would like to see on this site.

Be sure to check out the Ikata Wiki if you are looking for more information!

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