U of M ミネソタ大学

We had a great morning at the U of M on our last day in the US. First we walked from the Radisson down to Coffman Union and had a shopping spree at the university bookstore there. Then we crossed the Mississippi River on the Washington Avenue bridge, first through the covered walkway so that the kids could see all the adverts painted by campus clubs. Although it was only midmorning, the heat in the walkway was incredible: my camera lens fogged up immediately and wouldn't let me take any clear pictures. Everyone was anxious to be outside again, so we power-walked to the opposite side. They noted the "shoe tree" on the West Bank, and then we turned around again and walked back across the Mississippi, and back to the Radisson. There we had a short breather, and in no time at all, it seemed, we were putting our suitcases on the bus to go to the airport.



The Ordway オードウェーでミュージカル鑑賞

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the performance, but we had a great time enjoying it from our balcony seats. The musical we saw was The Gospel at Colonus, a Greek tragedy told with American gospel music. We heard some amazing voices. The kids also seemed to enjoy the overall atmosphere of the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, although they did think the air conditioning was a little strong.  After the show, we left the theater to discover rain pounding the pavement outside, and as we rode back to the hotel, some streets seemed well on their way to flooding.



Mickey's Diner

We had a great experience at Mickey's Diner. Perhaps it had something to do with being a Tuesday evening, but it wasn't crowded and we received great service. The kids all loved the hamburgers and the atmosphere-- and someone else appreciated the fact that oatmeal was on the menu!