Ikata Visit (Part 2)

The following are photos from the Ikata portion of the Ikata-Red Wing Exchange taken by members of the Ikata International Exchange Association office. This is part two out of two.
Some of the students residing in the Ikata area were able to take part in the mochi maki (throwing rice cakes) at the beginning of a festival. This is a very big deal and a great honor to be a part of.

Ikata Visit (Part 1)

The following are photos taken from the Ikata portion of the Ikata-Red Wing Exchange taken by members of the Ikata International Exchange Association Office. This is the first of two posts.

The students from Ikata, chairman of IIEA, and two English teachers excitedly waited to welcome the Red Wing Delegation at Matsuyama Port.

The first all-group photo of Ikata and Red Wing students, chaperones, host families, and members of the Exchange Association.


Day 12 - Departure

It's here. The final day. Everyone woke up early in the morning to meet at 6AM at the Target parking lot.
Group photo with the Ikata and Red Wing students. Perhaps we will see some of these Red Wing students next year (or years to come)?!
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Day 10 - Canoe and Farewell Cookout

Day 9 was a full free day for students and their host families. Please look forward to photos from those free days at a later date.
On Day 10, we went to Wisconsin! By car? Nope! By canoe. Everyone challenged themselves at canoeing across Lake Pepin (a section of the Mississippi River) to Stockholm, WI for pie. The weather was fortunately on our side that day as we when we finished, it started to rain.
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Day 8 - Goodhue Historical Museum, Afternoon of Art

In the morning, we went to Goodhue County Historical Museum and toured around learning about not only the history of Red Wing, but other towns as well in Goodhue County.
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Day 7 - YMCA, Board Games, and Trolley Tour

Today was a packed day full of activities. First, we went to the YMCA which is a local sports and recreational center like the Sports Center in Ikata. Our first challenge: the rock climbing wall. With the expertise of Willa and her sister, they assisted the Ikata students as they made it to the top.
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Day 12-14 - Safe Arrival in Ikata 派遣団が無事に帰国しました!

After a total of three flights, two buses and two days, the students and teacher from Ikata have arrived safely back in Japan.

Please look forward to more entries and photos from the 20th annual sister city exchange trip as well as reflections from the students' and teacher.