The Hiking of Barn Bluff バーン・ブラフの登り

Today we had the chance to hike the historic Barn Bluff, a symbol of Red Wing. The weather was perfect and we even got to see actual rock-climbers. Good Work everyone!


At the entrance to the trail! ハイキング道の入口の前。

Surrounded by the woods. 森林浴。

Two daring explorers. よく頑張った2人の冒険者。

Even though the scenery was beautiful,
 we had to keep a good eye on the road to keep us from falling.

At the top, a victory picture. In the back, Red Wing.

Looking out over the plains at the top of the hill.

岩登りさんを発見。We found a couple actual rock-climbers.

阿達先生からの一言。A word from Mr. Adachi

「 ホストファミリーとともに、生徒達は10時30分にバーン・ブラフの前に集合しました。そうです。彼らはバーン・ブラフに登ったのです。バーン・ブラフはレッドウィングの東の地域にあります。沢山の高い木が生い茂っています。彼らは、おしゃべりをしながら森の中を歩きました。日本で言う森林浴ですね。バーン・ブラフは子供から大人まで男女を問わずみんながウォーキングを楽しめる奇麗な所です。生徒達は、アメリカの新しい友達ととても素敵な時間を過ごしました。」

"At 10:30 this morning, all the students gathered with their host families in front of Barn Bluff. That's right, they climbed Barn Bluff. Barn Bluff is a hill located in the eastern section of Red Wing. A lot of trees were growing along the path to the top. They walked and walked in the forest, chatting with each other. In Japan, this kind of walking is called "Shinrin-yoku" Which means "bathing in a forest"(figuratively) Barn Bluff is a nice place for men and women of all ages to come enjoy walking in a forest abundant with trees. Today the students had a wonderful time with their new American friends."

Thank you, Mr. Adachi!

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