A Big Catch

It's a peaceful, overcast day down by the sea. My friend N-san sees something in the water.

"Wait here," he says. He runs back to the car and comes back with a long pole.

He pokes at something in the water, and whatever it is, it's putting up a big fight.

With a seasoned eye, N-san knows when to give up the pole and get down on his knees to wrest his quarry from the shallows.

Its innards must go.
N-san successfully removes the parts with the ink, but I don't get a photo.

Later I ask, "Weren't you afraid it might bite you?"

He answers, "If it bit me it would hurt, of course, but I'm a sucker for good food. (oishii mono ni wa me ga nai)"

Even without its innards, the octopus goes on writhing and fighting.

N-san pulls it off to set it down on the pavement; I hear the pop-pop-pop of the suction cups detaching.

It's still trying to prove something.

Now, I don't like octopus myself, but a lot of other people do, and this one was well appreciated by N-san and his family. I was lucky to have my camera with me that day. Ickiness aside, the finding and catching of an octopus was absolutely fascinating to watch.

This has been a snapshot of life in the Japanese countryside. Thank you.

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  1. Hope there is some left for when we get there. Looks VERY interesting.



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