Summer BBQ Party ハウス・パーティー

Summer evenings in Minnesota are generally bright until about 8:30. This evening, we all went to a barbecue party at the Lawrences' house. Actually, there had been some talk of a bonfire, but we ended up leaving to go to another place at 7:30, so it was just a regular party. Although I should add, to my mind it was a lovely party with all the laid-back charm Minnesotans excel at providing.

記念写真。Group picture.

出た!ルーツビアー・フロートです。ルーツビアーは伊方町の女子たちが全然気に入らなかったですが、アイスはおいしそうに食べました。Root beer floats!! Not such a big hit with the Ikata girls, although they loved the ice cream.

At 7:30, we went to see Red Wing's baseball team, the Aces. Before the game began, the Ikata student delegation and chaperons went down on the field and we introduced ourselves. After that, we stood for America's national anthem and then each one of us received baseballs signed by the Aces! It was really exciting!

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