Hanging out with JSA 日本学生会のメンバーに会った日

One of the things I had been looking forward to most while we visited the Twin Cities was meeting with members of the U of M's Japan Student Association. By meeting them and talking with them, our Ikata kids would become aware of the possibility and reality of study abroad, as well as how Japanese culture is being spread at the U of M, and what long-term life in the US is like for Japanese and other international students.

It was an amazing opportunity, and we are all grateful to Yuusuke, the president of JSA, and everyone else who came out to meet us that night.



Mr. Asano started us off with some guidelines for a roundtable discussion.

The Ikata kids asked about everything from safety and getting used to American money to where our JSA friends plan to work after graduation. In turn, they were asked about their favorite subjects in school and what they want to be when they grow up.

We took a group photo. (Actually, earlier on this same day we had experienced a theft, so the kids were reluctant to leave their cameras in order to take this picture. Thankfully, nothing happened while our JSA friends were with us.)

The U of M campus was so big and well kept! We walked across it on our way to dinner. I wondered if any of the kids might be envisioning themselves there.

The Loring Pasta Bar wasn't able to seat us all inside (we'd been told earlier that we couldn't make a reservation, and there were 17 of us with our JSA friends), but we did fit quite comfortably at the tables outside. The pasta was excellent!

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