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              In 2004, I was getting ready to come to Japan for the first time. I was going for two months, most of which would be filled with  3-day English camps in locations across the greater Kanto (Tokyo) area. Our program coordinator said: "I can't stress enough the advantages of packing light. I once knew a counselor who came to Japan with just one backpack for two months. That's skill. That's commendable."

              I decided to make this my goal as well, and I ended up in Japan with a backpack and a small over-the-shoulder bag. Not only was I able to move around much more easily than some of my companions with their bulky suitcases and camping backpacks (especially problematic in railway stations and the numerous stairs we encountered), but I had packed things I could leave behind at the end—host family gifts, of course, but also an old towel and a few pairs of old socks—to make room for souvenirs.

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